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Richard Law

Welcome to the blog and personal website of Richard Law, a geographer/programmer who eats, sleeps, raves, repeats in the Manawatū, New Zealand.

      I'm a Latin-rite Catholic, and you won't stop me reaching for sainthood as I live out my vocation.
      I have a Masters Degree in Geographic Information Systems from Victoria University of Wellington.
      I work for Landcare Research as a "geospatial analyst"—whatever that means.
      My opinions generally go unexpressed because most people would not like them. Or I'm a Stoic.

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ELI5: Discrete Global Grid System (DGGS)

January 14, 2021

Discrete Global Grids (DGGs) are imaginary mosaics that divide up the surface of a globe. We call each piece of the mosaic a "cell" or "zone…